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Robotics & Aero Modeling

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Educators must embrace the latest skills and knowledge for effective teaching. That’s why they should embrace robotics, which is breaking new ground in learning methodologies around the world. Robotics is the 21st century’s learning & career skill. As it is being popular day by day due to its unique features, many schools, colleges & universities are accepting it. This makes their students think and work like an engineer at a very early age.

Recently, a student of age 19 played a major role in the success of the surgical strike executed by India on POK by making an Omni-copter shaped as Eagle. It was possible due to robotics only

Another example is of a 12-year-old boy, Tanmay Bakshi, youngest IBM Watson (AI) programmer who was hired by Google with a salary of 66 lakhs per annum.





Aero modelling

Aero modelling

Welcome to Stream.

Introducing STREAM (STEM + Robotics + Arts Program) curriculum to prepare K-12 students for 21st Century Learning, Career Skills & inspiring young minds towards innovation, invention and creativity.

Future of Robotics

Robotic Games

Public Security


Autonomous Cars

Healthcare Robots


Home Automation

Robots as Co-workers


Job Creation

Benefits of STEM & Robotics for Young Minds

Creative Thinking

Improves Engagement

Coding Skills



Makes Learning Fun

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    Why EduVitae Services?

    Mentored by IITians and Industry Experts

    Innovative & Smart Learning Framework

    Using advanced techniques & tools

    Industrial visits & Future opportunities

    Chance to participate in district, state, national and international level competitions.

    Chance to present innovative ideas at big platforms like IIT’s, NIT’s etc.

    Chance to demonstrate their projects at various levels.


    Practical approach with Project Based Learning.

    Mastering Skills & Confidence needed to succeed.

    Provide training and support through an orientation & mentoring program.

    Effective training program with latest technological tools.

    Establish performance criteria and offer regular feedback.

    Provide students more than what we promise.

    Affordable Price & Numerous Benefits.


    Complete training of STEM education and robotics with basics of electronics.

    Introduction to programming and micro-controller.

    Tinker CAD 3D objects and circuit designing.

    Mbot programming.

    LEGO Mindstorms (EV3 Brick) programming and designing.

    Project making [STEM (Science, Technology Engineering & Mathematics) and Robotics


    Humanoid Robotics